Gamebreak - a webcomic about a few friends that play a highly popular virtual reality MMO called MUlate. Gamebreak focuses on their trials and tribulations that follow when they become stuck in the same video game.

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What is Gamebreak exactly?

In the most simple terms, Gamebreak is a webcomic about a few friends that play a highly popular virtual reality MMO called MUlate. It focuses on their trials and tribulations that follow when they become stuck in the same video game. But to say it in a different way,

Gamebreak is a conversation about humanity, and the implications of human powers and weaknesses.

What other comics/movies/books is it like?

At first glance, the initial reaction we often get is “Oh, so it’s like the Matrix/Sword Art Online!” which isn’t totally untrue, but it isn’t a very good description. The setting of VR might be similar to the Matrix/SAO, but our story elements, theming, and pretty much everything else follow an entirely different range of media.

We’ve actually had great difficulty comparing it to other medias because it’s so intrinsically different in structure. Honestly, the best we’ve managed to come up with is sort of an anime structured not at all like an anime.

Are all the scenes in the game or some in real life?

Although it’ll vary as time goes on, there will be a mixture of scenes that take place both within MUlate and the real world.

What is your main goal for the comic to accomplish?

Our goal is to challenge expectations, both of webcomics and the type of tale we intend to present.

Where can I read Gamebreak?

It isn’t out yet! But once it is, you’ll be good to read it at our own website (which is yet to be built).

When will Gamebreak begin uploading?

We don’t want to give a date only to fail meeting it. It’s a very common problem that projects done in spare time fall victim to. But we can say 2015.

What’s the update schedule like for Gamebreak?

Honestly, this is a question that we don’t have a full-proof answer for just yet. When the comic starts, it’ll likely be uploaded in small batches of pages. Like Ava’s Demon or Homestuck.

Does Gamebreak come in a mobile format?

We cannot guarantee it, but we would love to implement a way for fans to read on the go. Here’s to hoping!

Why are you guys making Gamebreak?

The whole team has variations of an answer to this question. But for all of us, our motivation comes from a love for the project and a desire to improve ourselves.

Can I support Gamebreak somehow?

At this point in time, the best thing an individual can do for this project is to spread the word. A reblog, or a share, or even a kind word is largely helpful to us.

How did you guys meet each other/ find each other?

The two co-directors/writers had been friends for a few years before starting Gamebreak. Artist lead Heliotrope was picked up on a forum in a topic with some little sketches of concept art. Artist Pewcat and Palm were old family friends. ClockworkJordan worked with Palm years prior at a campground.

What are some of your inspirations? (Authors, illustrators, other comics, video games, etc.)

The game DayZ, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, Homestuck.

Is there a chance that Gamebreak might expand into a novel or some other medias?

Not currently, but we are open to expanding into different mediums. It’s far far too early to say, but who knows what the future might bring!

What is your process?

The team usually collaborates through Skype. Although Palm and Wozny often meet in real life for intensives that require a stronger level of focus or time-use.

What do you use to make Gamebreak?

A variety of programs! For art Jordan uses Paint Tool Sai, Heliotrope uses GIMP, while for music Palm uses Cubase Studio (5 version with Kontakt).

What do I do if there’s a question I had that wasn’t answered?


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Gamebreak - The Score

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Gamebreak - Concept Art

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Gamebreak - Concept Art

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Hey team!

We’re currently building a frequently asked questions section.

We’d like to know, what do you want to know about Gamebreak? Reply to this post or drop us a line via our ask box!

Got any questions?

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Gamebreak - Concept Art

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Gamebreak - Concept Art

Dante Bar, ShadowShiv

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Gamebreak - Concept Art

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"bitch please"

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Gamebreak - Concept Art

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Kit Emmas - Concept Art

"Kit is Air. Although her abilities are not currently deteriminate, she will be integral to the future, even if in an indirect fashion."

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