Gamebreak - Concept Art

Dante Bar, ShadowShiv

Gamebreak - Concept Art


"bitch please"

Gamebreak - Concept Art

Kit Emmas - Concept Art

"Kit is Air. Although her abilities are not currently deteriminate, she will be integral to the future, even if in an indirect fashion."

Aden (forgeofthegods) Leo’s Theme

Happy Gamebreak New Year!

Thanks for sticking with us so far! Have a safe and happy transition into the new year.

More content soon to come! ;)

Dante Bar - Concept Art

"Dante is Lightning. As quick witted and precise as he is, his abilities are indeterminate, equally as likely to benefit us, as they are to destroy us."

Gamebreak - Concept Art

Gamebreak - The Score

MUlate Structures - Faction Castles - Concept Art