Kit Emmas - Concept Art

"Kit is Air. Although her abilities are not currently deteriminate, she will be integral to the future, even if in an indirect fashion."

Aden (forgeofthegods) Leo’s Theme

Happy Gamebreak New Year!

Thanks for sticking with us so far! Have a safe and happy transition into the new year.

More content soon to come! ;)

Dante Bar - Concept Art

"Dante is Lightning. As quick witted and precise as he is, his abilities are indeterminate, equally as likely to benefit us, as they are to destroy us."

Gamebreak - Concept Art

Gamebreak - The Score

MUlate Structures - Faction Castles - Concept Art

Update! 10/6/2013

Hello all! So very sorry for the lack of posts over the last month or so! School hit most of the team rather hard and fast and took us by surprise. But we’re back at it and trying to push ourselves back into schedule.

There’s a lot we need to catch up on, including some posts, and a lot to catch you guys up on as well! We’ll be doing our best to make up for the lost time, but just because we haven’t been posting, does not mean we haven’t still been working! Part of the reason posts have been lacking recently is because of our work on character designs. We’d rather not mislead you into believing something is one way, when it ends up the other. That isn’t to say this blog isn’t all conceptual, but we didn’t want to stray too radically from what our product is. We’ve got a decent chunk of music and art backlogged and we’ll be posting regularly once again this Friday.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to showing you what is coming next!

-Gamebreak Team

Diddo, MUlate’s Host - Concept Art

Team Talk

Caleo is the virtual world within the game of MUlate, the hyper-popular and equally as controversial and violent virtual reality video game.

Caleo was an interesting process to work through. The planet itself had undergone a couple of iterations in it’s initial conceptualization. At first it was simply a regular planet revolving around a regular star system. That changed rather quickly.

Creating Caleo - A World Within a World


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Lyra Mavis - Concept Art

"Lyra is water. As an extremely adaptable and competent player in mind, body, and action, she is a valuable instrument to this cause."